KIRKBY:   1. UPDATE ON LIADE (Low Impact Aerobic Dance Exercise)           





Since we started the Aerobic Dance Exercise in January, 2005 the attendance of the enthusiastic Kirkbyites has been very encouraging. The regular exercisers, Kirkbyites, specially flown to Manchester by BOAC ARGANOUT in 1951, 1953 and 1954 are:  Muttaiya Ratnasabapathy, Othman Dahlan, Zain, Syed Abu Bakar, Siti Rohani, Zainal Arshad and his wife,Jane, Neelambigai, Ramlah, Fong Shook Yen, Inom and her husband, Ahmad Hashim.  We hope more Kirkbyites of all batches will come forward and put their best flexible legs forward to the accompaniment of tunes of the 60s, 70s, 80s and even 2000s.  Louis Cheong (1954 – 1956), the instructor, is delighted to share his dancing experiences with his fellow Kirkbyites.


Please note the programme is as follows:


Day:           1st   Saturday of every month

Time:          7.30 a.m. - 8.20 a.m.

Place:        The Car Park, Singgahsana Hotel, (the former NPC), Petaling Jaya

Parking:     Free parking along the road (FOC)

Breakfast:  Two choices: Light (like thosai) or Buffet. Eat, drink and yarn away.


Objectives of LIADE


 1. This Aerobic Exercise is to further develop the five components of physical fitness:

 cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and Body   

 Fat  Composition.


2.  It is an appropriate time that we Kirkbyites should gather and exercise together, thus creating an atmosphere of comradeship and fraternity of folks from the same kampong “Kirkby   The   primary aim is to break the ice – the “batch barrier.” We are very proud of Kirkby and want to perpetuate the name of Kirkby, but we don’t even know our “kampong” neighbours who were from Kirkby.  I hope this “informal aerobic dance” can bring us together and get to know each other better.




I would like to refer to the article “The Kirkby name lives on” which appeared in THE STAR on 29 May, 2005.


As far as the two-year Teacher Training Course is concerned it is true the College was established in 1951 and closed down in 1961.  However, KIRKBY lived on for another two years after 1960. In January, 1961 a batch of 150 Teacher-Trainers, some of whom were ex-Kirkbyites, arrived in Kirkby for a One-year Teacher-Trainers’ Course. There they met the two-year Course Trainees before they completed their course in August or December, 1961. The Malayan Government sent another batch of Teacher-Trainers in January, 1962 for a similar course. Some of the former Kirkbyites met their lecturers, Mr. J. Struthers, Maths. Lecturer and Folk Dance Instructor, Miss McBain, P.E. Lecturer, Mr. J. Kennedy, History Lecturer, Mr. Jones, Geography Lecturer, Mr. Walker, English Lecturer and last but not least, our Principal, Papa Gurney.


In December, 1962 we completed our Course and the College was officially closed down.


On their return to Malaya these last two batches of Teacher-Trainers were appointed to hold positions of different capacities.  Some were appointed to be Heads of Lower Secondary Schools and Heads of Secondary Continuation Schools while others were appointed as Trainers to train the Teacher-Trainees of these two newly-established schools on week-ends, quite similar to the Normal-Class Teacher-Trainees’ Course in the ‘50s.


Quite surprisingly no mention was made at the 50th Anniversary in 2001 to have their group photograph (Teacher-Trainers of 1962) taken with the 1961 Teacher-Trainers.


To sum up, MTTC, Kirkby had trained about 1,500 teachers from 1951 to 1961 and 300 teacher-trainers in two years, 1961 and 1962. Kirkby College was officially closed in December, 1962.



Louis Cheong (China Kayu of 1954 – 1956 and T.T. of 1962)