E-mail from Dato' Alias Shamsuddin-15 August 2006


I was at Kirkby from 1952 to 1954.


Last weekend I attended a get-together of ex Kirkbians organised by the 3rd batch ( 1953-55 ). About 40 Kirkbians including those from the 1st to the 5th attended. At an informal session, those  who attended,  expressed concern that Kirkby will completely be forgotten by year 2025 as the last batch of Kirkby students would be around 85 years old the -surely too old to attend let alone organise a get-together. We all appreciate the move  to remember Kirkby by  naming a hall at Teachers College in Bukit Mertajam Kirkby Hall.


I put foreward a suggestion that it  is time a book on  The Malayan Teachers College be written incorporating aspects  among others  the establishment of the College, programmes and curriculum, co-curricula activities of the students, teacher training programmes in Malaya just before and after the establishment of Kirkby, Kirkby graduates’ contributions to educational and social developments in Malaya etc.

Hundreds of articles which appeared in Panduan and souvenier programmes produced in conjunction with various Reunions have been written on Kirkby by Kirkby lecturers and Kirkby students  These writings are of interest mainly to those who have been in Kirkby. What I have in mind is a book, a product of comprehensive research, which will be of interest not only to Kirkbians but also to the general readers, educationists both in Malaysia as well as outside Malaysia.


I am of the opinion that such work be undertaken by someone who is not an ex- Kirkbian.


I am aware that this would be an expensive project and off hand I would say we would need funds at least RM100,000/- At that get-together I suggested that if we could get 50 Kirkbians out of some 1300 who would be willing to donate RM1000/ each, we would be on our way to realizing something that all Kirkbians will be proud of.  I reckon the book should be sold at not less than RM100/- per copy.


I am writing to you for your comments.


With best wishes,


Yours sincerely,


Dato' Alias Shamsuddin