e-mail from Zainal Arshad about his article published in the KIRKBY TIMES:
Hi Sau San,
The photographs you posted on your recent snorkelling trip clearly showed you all had a 
good time.  My wife and I too go snorkeling  at Pulau Redang, Tioman and Lang Tengah 
on the East Coast. These are all Marine Parks.
While I was doing a bit of "research" on Kirkby I typed the words
"Memories of Kirkby" in the Google search engine.  To my surprise
 one of the websites listed was that of the local newspaper "Kirkby Times". 
There is one section which says:  
" Kirkby Times has had a few requests for more stories of growing up in
Kirkby, or memories of the past..... 
 Anyone is invited to send in their stories or recollections of the past. Maybe you just 
worked/studied here, or went chasing some girl here in the 60's! If you've got a connection
 here, please write in with your memories of what things were like. 
 If you're reading this website, you have access to a computer. What you need to do is 
open up Microsoft word, or notepad, and write down your memories of Kirkby. 
Write it from the heart......"
Having read this I took a chance and wrote an article.  I sent it to the Kirkby Times 
with a request that if it's worth to be "inserted" in the Memorires of Kirkby section I hope 
the editor or whoever read my article at the newspaper would have it included. 
I received no reply but lo and behold, when I checked the website again after a couple of 
days my article was in.  And the "editor" (I don't know whether it is him or not) had written 
a nice piece at the end of my article.  I hope you can disseminate this website to other 
Kirkbyites and also include it as a link.  Those who feel they want to say a word or two can 
e-mail the newspaper. 
You will see the word "e-mail" on the bottom left hand side.  I am proud
that the paper wants to use our motto..."For Truth and Knowledge".
Please take a look at the website below.
(After it has opened scroll to the bottom and click "more" after the MTTC Kirkby heading)