e-mail message from Zuber Zain
Dear Kirkbyites,
Yesterday (Thursday 19/6/2008) the Kirkby College Grand Re-union 
Committee had a meeting at Kolej Bandar Utama PJ. It was a long morning 
meeting and among important agenda discussed were planning and 
preparations for Grand Reunion (Tan Sri Yahaya), coffee table book 
progress (Zuber), considerations and criterias to be use for selection 
of outstanding alumni award (Dato Haji Baharuddin Marji) and formation 
of a Protem Committee of Kirkby College Alumni Association to prepare 
and submit documentations to Registrar Of Societies (ROS). 
Next  Re-Union Committee meeting will be on the 16 July at the same 
place (KBU). Most probably the meeting also will be the first meeting of 
the protem of Kirkby College Alumni Association where the articles and 
memorandum of the society will be discussed and selection of Protem 
Office Bearers. 
Those interested to be member of the Kirkby College Alumni Association 
are invited to attend the meeting. Please register your interest and 
your current mail address to Mrs Jenny, Tan Sri Yahaya's personal 
assistance at 03-77274475.