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1.6.4 My Family Brilliant Medical Discoveries




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1.6.4 My Family Brilliant Medical Discoveries


My Family Brilliant Medical Discoveries


Medical Discovery No 1 

My Brother – in – Law…

Brilliant Pioneer Ancrod - Arvin Discoverer – Malaya Penang 1960


Honorable Dato Dr Chan Kok Ewe Charles is the world renowned medical genius who was made famous by his brilliant Ancrod - Arvin drug Discovery 1960 for thrombotic therapy / stroke/ liver diseases /high blood pressure/ gangrene amputation thus having saved millions of lives world wide


             Dato Dr Chan   Kok Ewe


Honorable Dato Dr Chan Kok Ewe Charles

M.B., B.S., Ph.D, JMN, DSPN Dato


1 Honorable Dato Dr Chan Kok Ewe Charles


2 Stop Press…! View this Superb Investigation  Report on Google and Wikipedia upload soon

Hon Dato Dr Chan Kok Ewe is the brilliant Pioneer Ancrod - Arvin Discoverer 1960 – a thrombotic therapy that has saved millions worldwide He is the Malayan Penang Professional and Official Research Scientist of the Malaya Penang Institute of Medical Research(IMR) who discovered the Malayan pit viper Envenomation 1960


Hence he is the Pioneer Ancrod Discoverer and Founder He shared his research findings with Dr Hugh Alistair ReidConsultant Physician Penang General Hospital who was only the Production Partner in England 1964 This disclaims all other frivolous  claims …!  Justice must be served!


… A true Malaysian … a loyal Citizen…maintaining an excellent Medical career … a brilliant Ancrod Pioneer Discoverer …a prominent on-going Professional Scientist … Medical Entrepreneur/ Global Leaders Award Winner/ Pioneer Multimedia Administrator of Island Hospital Penang / a Moral Counsellor…!


2.1 The brilliance of the family is epitomized by their God sent son YH Dato Dr Chan Kok Ewe Charles

Regional Medical Director, CEO and Advisor of the Penang Island Hospital/ current Chairman of the Penang Medical Association  Also being the former Deputy Dean of the Medical Faulty University of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur /University College/ Professor Emeritus with a PhD in Pharmacology from St Andrew’s University Queen’s College Dundee United Kingdom

2.2 Honorable Dato Dr Chan Kok Ewe’s elite distinguished family!

1.6.4 My Family Brilliant Medical Discoveries!

The most illustrious paragon Penang family: Strict upbringing/ family centric/ God fearing! His family can boast of 8 medical doctors – Grandfather in Hong Kong/ 2 brothers/ 4 nephews and niece ….inclusive of Scientist Professor Dr Michael Chee!


3 Medical Tourism


The launch of the hospital organization utilizing multimedia technology is his brainchild Albeit his wife regrets the project is set up for free … how charitable! What a selfless sacrifice of time and money?

 When asked what his thoughts are after having discovered the Arvin miracle lifesaving drug …

Quote...” I am particularly happy that it (discoverer) is a Malaysian not necessarily a Swiss or a German” … how unassuming! How patriotic!


4 He is also the Chairman of the Penang Island Hospital Association





SM Dato Dr Chan KE Biz Award

2nd from left DatoDr Chan Kok Ewe receiving


16.06.2010 from the Minister of Trade & Industry

Malaysia Penang Island Hospital


Malaysia Penang Island Hospital sits on the former home of Dato Dr Chan’s Aunt Chan Sok Hiang @ Mrs Cheah Inn Kiong - Penang City Council Senator


sm 3 21 Perak Rd PG Jun13 2 (2)


This former Chan Family Magnificent Mansion at Perak - Logan Road Penang Named after James Logan – a British Nobleman it is a prominent site earmarked for the early elite Penang Families The 1.6 acres garden is worth billions ringgit today It is now a heritage conservation site The foreign Soci Society has developed it into a multiple level Dialysis Hospital offering free dialysis services Nearby is the Loh Guan Lye Hospital


Brilliant Medical Discovery No 2

My Son – in – Law… who married Daughter Helen Chan


Talented Scientist Professor Dr Michael Chee - Singapore

Professor, Neuroscience & Behavioural Disorders Programme

The latest Medical Science Discovery is here…! Noise Pollution causing lack of sleep can cause dementia and Alzheimer death This wonderful discovery belongs to Researcher Scientist: Singapore Duke – NUS Education -  Professor Dr Michael Chee Singapore schools took action on his sleep deprivation survey and obtained fruitful results…Eureka!

Chee, Michael Professor,

Neuroscience & Behavioural Disorders Programme\


·         Professor Dr Michael Chee WL  a rare Doctor - Scientist of the Duke NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore - specializing in Neuroscience & Behavioral Disorders Program


Powerful Legal Woman Historical Success…! A Superb Record…!


Dr Chee’s Mother, Jenny Lau Buong Bee

Singapore 1st Woman District Judge 1996

Malaya 1st Female Magistrate in.1996\


Dr Chee’s Mother, Jenny Lau Buong Bee made legal history when she was appointed Singapore 1st Woman District Judge 1996 She also made Malayan legal history in 1966 when she became the first female magistrate in Malaya.1996

Her Six Sisters who are 4 Doctors & 2 Graduates ALL married 6 Doctors but she married a lawyer What a remarkable medical Family!


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Datin Loh Soo Koon @ Datin Chan Kok Cheang




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