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Merdeka Announcement…!

1  07 February 1956 Tunku Abdul Rahman arrived with Entourage and broke great news Merdeka to be 31 August 1957 to us first then Malacca Malayan Film Unit caught Zainal Arshad Zainal Abidin & I shout enthusiastically after Tunku ..” Merdeka” 3 times! Merdeka was conceived here! Loyal Malaysians, I give you Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj! Happy Merdeka!!

2 Alan Lennox Boyd’s Visit 5 March 1995

The Secretary of States for British Colonies with the Staff & Students’ Council of Malayan College seated 7th from Left next to Principal G J Gurney Tunku Abdul Aziz Standing 6th Right


2  Choral Society rendered songs in Boyd’s honour directed by music lecturer Mr Cross Our choir also sang at our Christmas Dinner & Dance

College societies teemed with activities -most enjoyable being European tours, historical sights, private invitations  & interaction with Malayan University Students in London, Cambridge, Belfast, etc

From Right : Winnie Cheah - Penang Soprano with a powerful voice sang like a bird! Koh Puay Neo/ Loh Soo Koon/ Siti Rohani / Fong Shok Yen / Cheong Soo Lan/ Cheah Lay Suat/ Lee Kwee Chin Do you still remember the College Song we sang?






3  Malayan Medley Kirkby Style

300 Malaysians of Kampong Kirkby from the Golden Chersonese existed in excellent integration & harmony as the melting pot admired by the British population The multi-racial multi-cultural & multi – religious Trainees staged such a fantastic show that Friends & invited Guests broke down when the curtains were drawn for this grand finale as it reminded them of home This was the best lesson in unity ever!  Thrilling Kirkby College experiences  filled the vacuum in my life propelling me to great heights of elation & the most successful future back home!

  Click… Felicitation to YM Dr Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim     



4  Chinese Tea Dance was one of the Malayan Medley items

It portrayed sisters picking tea leaves on the mountain slope of China The graceful movements thrilled Malayan Friends studying in London, Cambridge, Manchester etc

While the interaction, an excellent learning curve satisfied the emotional & mental psychic the overseas tours quenched our wander thirst enriching our perspective Front Left meet Law Jack Yoon, Loh Soo Koon, Cheah Siew Yee, Koh Siew Noi (hidden) Lilian Tan, Janet Wong,  Lee Yoke Lan







5 Chinese New Year Celebration 1956 Liverpool China Town

Food galore! With cheery spirits attracting attention, the world was at our feet! Hilarious chat filled the air! All these were our regular dinner and social group ….Sam Seng! Kong Xi Far Cai! What a difference this festive celebration was from the daily meals served in the College Canteen?

Nostalgically for breakfast – bacon/ eggs/sausage/oats/ baked beans and toast with coffee Lunch and dinner will be a hot meal of chicken/ fish curry/ rice / fruit /pudding or fruit

Morning/ evening/supper were tea or coffee was served with scones /sandwiches /cake/ pie

There was much friendly interaction and jolly laughter especially at supper time

Standing Left Gentlemen: Khaw Mong Hwa ,Keong Siew Liang  Fang Ewe Churh / ?

Ng Kam Chee , Chiam Tah Wen , Lim Nai Tian, Chinese Restaurant Manager

Sitting Ladies:  Organiser Loh Soo Koon, Lim Suan May , Goh Lay Poh ,  Mah Puay Hiong Kee Su Lin

6  Chinese New Year Dinner & Dance Floor Show - Chinese Lotus Dance

Lead dancer Senior Loh Soo Koon (Centre) & Junior ladies captivated the audience This repeat performance awed the Liverpool Local Council  audience who admired our slim bodies/ graceful gait and most colorful costumes I was stunned to be selected to lead the dance troupe when others were more qualified so my confidence tremendously increased! Due to the stringent censorship of Chinese songs/ dance/ lyrics being communist influenced  these had to be sourced from Hong Kong

The talented Producers were from Left Law Jack Yoon, Lee Yoke Lan, Wan Ming Chin & Choy Yoon Choon, a most talented pianist who later became the Malaysian Singapore Airlines Pilot









7 Liverpool Kirkby College Rugby Team

What a rugged able bodied group! …Sure why not when they were youthful and energetic…just out of  the kampong in Malaya like ‘katak dibawah tempurong” so eager to explore to find out after having just left their homes 10,000 miles away


These formed the enthusiastic team come rain or snow!

We also travelled to cheer our Teams in our Sister College at Brinsford Lodge!


From Right standing: Dennis de’ Silva, Mohamad Nor, Chiam Ah Kim, Mark Anthony, Right Squatting: Rejab , Yavana & others


8 Ballroom Dancing Society

In acquiring the most elegant social grace we learnt from the Victor Silvester’s Television Dancing Club the Tango, foxtrot, quick step, rumba & samba in the Quiet Room near the TV door

Our fortnightly Dance was really exhilarating …enjoying the steps/ variations/

gliding/ swing and the sway the rumba to the music and the rhythm… so refreshing..!  The continuous smooth glide on the polished floor was a memorable experience Waiting in the Quiet Room were Koh Siew Noi, Mitzy, Loh Soo Koon & Monica Lai, Maurice, Rahman & Jimmy Toh - a most accomplished dancer

 Dancing to Victor Silvester’s live band in the Liverpool Tower posh huge Ballroom was a thrilling experience! Dancing five minutes only could complete one quarter of the Ballroom where the exquisite dancers twirled elegantly dressed in fabulous gowns & long tailed coats! The music was too irresistible!!








10 Kirkby Woods

So serene tranquil & ideal place to relax! The long walks were most rejuvenating especially in the moonlight What a postcard scene with the snow thick & crisp! This is the haunt for young lovers, so…. romantic! Most nostalgic even now!

11 Principal Papa G J Gurney & Wife graciously joined in to celebrate Goh Lay Poh’s birthday to party with warm chat & delicious Penang nyonya cookies galore… koay ka pek/ koay mung kek/ koay baulu/ lotus seeds/ nutmeg/ various cakes / fruits! These certainly reminded us of home – Penang The fellowship was most enjoyable!

From right Ladies: Mah Puay Hiong/ Koh Siew Noi/ Loh Soo Koon / Goh Lay Poh/ Cheong Soo Lan (squatting) / Cheah Suan May

Men:  ? / Fung Ewe Churh/ Lim Nai Tian/ Chiam Tah Wen/ ? / Keong Siew Liang                    

9 Ballroom Dance Fashion 1955

This halter neck sequined silk/ net over taffeta is the fashion then! This is Loh Soo Koon your writer who loves ballroom dancing, travels & socialising Today she ravels in Human Rights & Environment Conservation Campaign /Kill Cybercrime and Fraud /Cyber Critic / Crime Detection/ Teach Multimedia and Moral Education / Fight Victimization of Government Heads alleged Corruption



 12  Pan Malayan Girl Guide Camp  1993 at the Klang Istana Grounds

Being specially selected Girl Guide from Penang due to my biggest $$ Odd Job collection What an exciting time for me – being appointed as the Camp Logmaster / MC at every camp fire and VIPs reception We marched, leadership trained, cooked, treasure hunt, danced, sang, games, camp fire with the Scouts & Rovers - what excitement & hilarious fun - unforgettable!


13 At last the tent was up!

The Scouts’ challenge,” You can’t do it! Beware the ghosts up the hill at night!”

Loh Soo Koon 3rd Penang Girl Guide Company Leader was not to be intimidated! At night a worm crawled out Luckily the torrential flood saved May Yeow & me via migration into the Klang Palace hall Note my black arm band mourning for King George VI passing away 1952

14 Lady Templer, wife of Sir Gerald Templer, High Commissioner of Malaya honoured our Pan Malayan Girl Guide Camp Klang 1952

Exemplary Girl Guides attended - total of 40 inclusive Guiders (Officials)

Her gracious presence was overwhelmingly awe inspiring! Camp Secretary/ Company Leader Loh Soo Koon accompanied by Catherine & Judith de Silva performed the breaking of the Colors – the Union Jack after singing God Save the Queen The Media report added the air of importance, much hype and excitement! When the news reels were shown in local cinemas … we became instant VIP’s overnight… then much more excitement oozed from our envious school mates!

15 Syabas! Selamat Merdeka 2007!

PM Abdullah, we share our education cum scouting & guiding in Penang plus the thrilling rich participation in youth movements Such pure friendship is priceless! The cheery spirits shared is forever while learning life‘s positive response despite the odds beats them all! Judging by the great success among ex- students, Kirkby Teachers have served Malaysia with excellence! In celebrating our 50th Anniverary of Merdeka I SALUTE you Malaysia, you are my hope & aspiration!

To PM Abdullah, exemplary Government, the Police, MB Pahang, Kirkby Colleagues & People of Malaysia Syabas! Setinggi-tinggi Syabas! Selamat Merdeka!




Felicitous 1: To Our Lecturers

My Personal Tutor Miss Minet Jee, Miss Hodge, Miss Danielle, Miss Chester, Miss Williams, Miss Beauchamp, Miss MacBain, Mr Atlee, Mr Walter, Dr J K Fielding, Dr Terret, Mr Struthers, Mr Moorhead, Mr Walker, Mr Jones, & Mr Bruce


Felicitous 2: To Other Colleagues

Una Tan ,Too Joo Yean, Soo Kim Lan, Hasnah, Lily Rozita, Siti Rohani, Ramlah Ahmad ,Tengku Zailan, Kalsombee, Catherine Chai, Lim Poh Choo, Margaret Cook, Caroline Beh, Lim Siew Har/ Mary Phang/ Chooi Kut Chun/ Fork Sin Meng/ Marina Johnson/ Jean Lam/Tan Kim Chai


Mustaffa, Khoo Phon Sai, Paul Yow, Abdul Hamid Abu Bakar, Sharma, Abdul Manan, Lau Hut Yee, Phun Tuck Yoon, Raja Ahmad Raja Harun/ Ahmad Dahan/ Francis Chai/ Chan Weng Chin/ Lionel Jayatilaka


Juniors: Terrance Jayatilaka / Pat Goh 




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