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1.6.2 Felicitation to YM Dr Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim




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             1.6.2 Felicitation to YM Dr Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim     

             1.6.3 Mederka Concept First Announcement /Thrilling Kirkby College Experiences

1.6.4 My Family Brilliant Medical Discoveries  





Felicitation to YM Dr Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim


Malayan Kirkby Teachers’ College Liverpoo1 UK - 4th Batch 1954 -1956

This Felicitation will be uploaded to our Kirkby net for blissful celebration…! Kirkbyites1954-1956.htm

By Datin Loh Soo Koon @ Datin Chan Kok Cheang


Keeping You Updated with the Latest hot News!


Down Very Nostalgic Down Kirkby Memory Lane and rejoicing the great news of our very own

most Vibrant and Non-bending Integrity and Anti - Graft Fighter – YM Dr Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim – Malaysia Transparency Advisor…the

First Class Campaigner of Transparency who while tussling without fear or favour suddenly has been thrust into global focus chastising the Government for unjustified Investigation interference cum condemning the Transparency International Immature Rhetoric



Fantastic news….!


I Felicitation to YM Dr Tunku Abdul Aziz


Dear Tunku Aziz

Thank you for sharing your marvelous input – one of incredible achievement! Let us rejoice with you…!


Three Kirkby Fantastic Success auger Celebration!

1.1 The 4th Batch Malayan Kirkby College Teachers is the most privileged group to have the envious opportunity to rejoice with you the conferment of your degree of Doctor of Laws honoris causa This superb news is better than touching the first prize lottery

As the son and the product of Kampong Kirkby your brilliance has made us outshine others while your relentless audacity to battle for transparency and justice is such an enormous boost … so admirable! What exciting news of Kirkbyites achieving great success but never have we expected one of this magnitude!


1.2 The 4th Batch Malayan Kirkby Teachers’ College is synonymous with our Merdeka Conception First Announcement because it took place 07.02 1956 in front of us This again has made us the most honourable group of 300 trainee teachers because only we can claim to be part of our nation’s historical heritage I can still feel I am in the college hall shouting after Tunku Abdul Rahman… Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

For life to celebrate our undisputable Kirkby Merdeka Conception First Announcement and now your most honourable Award is incredible..!


1.3 Production of Amazing Web pages

This nostalgic Down Kirkby Memory Lane Report is only possible from input of the most stimulating Kirkby experiences…so inspirational!  The skill of the computer savvy Writer in multimedia technology together with total commitment in vivid memory wins them all Read more in Part III


2 Congratulations YM Dr Tunku Abdul Aziz…!

Patek is highly elated by your success Patek is humbled by your achievement and above all Patek is extremely awed by your audacity as a Relentless Integrity and Graft Fighter

AS Head of the Anti-Corruption Advisory Board of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) you are pertinently monitoring without fear or favour our unsavory financial practices involving lawmakers and global financial intuitions in the manner of movie thriller espionage Yes, Tunku no thwarting justice as it must be served


MACC advisory board head slams anti-graft watchdog chief for rebuking Malaysia


3 It is no surprise that the University of Tasmania has conferred on you the degree of Doctor of Laws 

honoris causa for recognition of brilliance in your unwavering high profile stance on anti-corruption and promoting integrity

Many would have attained the high appointment position / status / trust and accumulated wealth However  being unable to sustain the negative pressure and temptation that the success brings they have caved in to self help priority whereby losing their integrity/ reputation/ trust /respect only to fall away suffering a lonely life sentence of shame and distrust Those hoping to retire blissfully in oblivion little expect that prosecution can claw them back to face justice While we may shudder to think that Egypt Hosne Mubarak attends court in a cage how can we jamin that this wont happen to Corruptors  and Fraudsters in Malaysia if the fury of voters goes stratospheric high?


4 Hence your rentlentless campaign to battle graft / instill transparency for integrity is awe- inspiring…Wow!

May your paragon be emulated by men of corporations/ governments and politicians worldwide

 AS Head of the Anti-Corruption Advisory Board MACC your priceless conferment has lent integrity/ credence and even fragrance to Malayan Kirkby Teachers’ College Liverpool

May we call you Mr Integrity?  


5 We have much to learn from you Terdapat ramai entrepreneurs quickly align themselves to shortchanging Clients for gains We hope that in imparting your wisdom we can strategies to cabar and punish the Corrupters and Fraudsters Drive us to battle for justice Only then can we rejoice...!



Long live the Teachers of Malayan Kirkby Teachers’ College!


Menjunjong kasih

Patek yang iklas


Datin Loh Soo Koon


II About the Writer


Yg Berbahagia Datin Loh Soo Koon @ Datin Chan Kok Cheang (1954 – 1956)


   Datin Loh Soo Koon


How the Kirkby Experiences and Paragon Families inspired her and boosted her children’s education propelling them to attain high profile careers! Their brilliance of devotion integrity and filial piety is awe-inspiring!


Her life has been one of unending inspirational enthusiasm as evidenced from a long list of achievements – not remuneration but recognition of what you may say – Integrity that the Community value in her


1 While in College her personal tutor was miss M Jee She took delight in participating in many stimulating activities For 2 years successively the Kirkby College Christian Society elected her as the President She enjoyed involvement in the College Choir and the Ballroom Dancing Society In acquiring the most elegant social grace the Members learnt the variation dance steps from the British Television Dancing Club Her love for organizing travel tours to Europe and the United Kingdom cum socializing with her classmates and friends gained her much popularity in College/London /Cambridge and Dublin via integrating people in many cheery dinner and lunch celebrations


2 Yg Berbahagia Datin Loh Soo Koon returned to Malaysia to teach in the Methodist Girls’ School Penang She married a Medical Doctor from Penang very distinguished Family whose all 7 children are professionals having been dedicatedly tutored to play the musical instruments – piano/ violin and the cello They are respectable and God fearing …!


3 Stop Press…

Here are Two Family Brilliant Medical Discoveries by

Honorable Dato Dr Chan Kok Ewe Charles – my Brother - in -Law and

Very talented Scientist Professor Dr Michael Chee - my Son- in – law … Bravo!! Click…

 1.6.4 Family Brilliant Medical Discoveries

4 After the Kirkby contract expired their move to Kuantan Pahang as a Medical Practitioner witnessed the kurniaan award to her husband YH Dato Dr Chan Kok Cheang as Dato Kurnia Johari 1969 in Istana Abu Bakar Pekan Pahang


Yg Berbahagia Datin Loh Soo Koon enjoys the respect of the Royal Pahang Golf Club Members/ the Menteri Besar of Pahang/ Government institutions/ International Clubs and NGOs/ the Local Community and the man on the road …

4.1 The close friendship with Her Royal Highness Sultanah Pahang whose on-going personal private invitation to the Palace cum email contact are special exclusive privileges


4.2 The Royal Pahang Golf Club awarded her life membership for her contribution to the Club so she pays nothing yearly Her life membership in a men’s Cub is very special and unique as it is not found anywhere…!


4.3 Her Solicitors willingly render free services for many years insisting that it is their privilege to help

4.4 Her many Specialist and private medical practitioners also insisted giving her free services because her husband /son are medicos Her son - in – law Professor Dr Michael Chee Wei Liang is the neuro surgeon of the Duke University Singapore


4.5 Her Dental doctor gave her 56% discount of RM21, 000.00 for 4 tooth implants …incredible!


4.6 Her Accountants accorded her a hefty 84% discounted rate yearly


4.7 Hong Kong Bank Kuantan rewarded her lifelong FREE Premium Visa Card Membership


4.8 Her Soroptimist International Ladies’ Club Head Quarters in Sydney presented her a Certificate of Excellence for United Nations Program Reporting to New York

A global volunteer organization working to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment


4.9 The Pahang Education Department awarded her the Certificate of Excellence for training teachers in Pahang as the Key Personal in the English Language in the Integrated Secondary School Curriculum / Kurikulum Bersapadu Sekolah Menengah (KBSM)

Her Five publications of workbooks and Model Essays for Form 3 and Form 5 based on the Curriculum are her own literary repertoire


4.10 The Pahang Education Department also awarded her the Certificate for Long and Meritorious Service on retirement


4.11 One Public Board refunded their Clinic, a Private Limited Company RM104.082.23! Very Rare…!

(The actual Name of this Government Board has been withheld from publication to uphold privacy) Nevertheless this monstrous refund after 30 years emphasizes the integrity of their Clinic Directors Dato Dr Chan Kok Cheang and Datin Loh Soo Koon @ Datin Chan Kok Cheang because No wrong had been committed and this release from liability is morally elating…!


4.12 Last but not least her heroic tussle with the Share Issuing House Kuala Lumpur over the loss of RM16 mil in the Initial Public Offer Share Issues 1992 It is her gigantic battle against the fraudulent hijackers of the Proton share payment cheques

When her case was highlighted also in the Business Times Singapore it made prominent headlines …putting smiles on many faces This resulted in the rescue by the government subsequently all the 31 share investors were reimbursed in full This was the excellent work of the government when Anuar Ibrahim was the Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister

When challenged by Opposition MP Lim Kit Siang on solving the share scam Anwar smartly devised a plan whereby every bank/ postman/share issuing personnel paid RM10.00 each towards the compensation fund The banks paid 40% while the others 30% each – making the banks the biggest culprits !


5 .1 Wow so many success stories…! 

So armed with the stimulating Kirkby College Experiences and her paragon Chan – Loh -Wong families she successfully educated their three children in brilliance They inherited her positive persona of truthfulness/ humour and humility and with her inspirational guidance they are nurtured and educated to illustrious careers/ being respectful/ filial and compassionate  Thanks to the emulation of the role model Uncle - Dato Dr Chan Kok Ewe Charles and Datin Loh Soo Koon Parents’ excellent  upbringing of a God fearing family

1.6.4 Family Brilliant Medical Discoveries

5.2.1 Her daughter Helen Chan MI is a Computer System Analyst – Engineer and Marketing Manager Asia Pacific An accomplished pianist/ Winner of Singapore National University Computing Diploma Gold Award / married to …Professor Dr Michael Chee


5.2.2 Datin Loh Soo Koon’s son Dr David Chan KS is a successful Medical Doctor in a Franchised Medical Group in Singapore working only 4.5 days per week!

5.2.3 Daughter Angela Chan MC is a Corporate Lawyer in Penang with a LLB and MBA (self-study)


6 Today Datin Loh Soo Koon is still self employed as a Property Executive Manager She ravels in United Nations Environment/ Human Rights & NGO Projects/ Cyber Golf website/ web journalism/ website designing/ webpage production/ content writing / legal contract writing/ web trading - litigating her own many cases  Web surfing is her daily delight to obtain knowledge and information It helps her sock many fraudulent entrepreneurs / battle corrupt Government Officials / con Service Providers and pending are one Local Town Council cheat and a big Loan Bank fraud


7 The URL Summary will facilitate easy reference to other Links Just click and relish the many happy moments achieved by Kirkbyites in the pictorial report Do share your thrilling moments/ daring escapades and memorable stories Counting the above achievements wouldn’t these make her a proud Kirkbyite and a very proud Matriarch?



III Pursuant to Part I Para 1.3

 Production of Amazing Nostalgic Web pages

Quote Yg Berbahagia Datin Loh Soo Koon…


1 “All my life I have long desired to write proficiently convincingly explicitly with the flare and the flow of good English language command akin to the style of web journalists of politics/ economic forecast/ golf and EPL football 


Now…that I am prolifically involved in producing professional reports for Non Government Organizations (NGOs) United Nations Projects / web page production / litigation documents/ official and Copyright documents / amassing unexpectedly immense multimedia technology and vast knowledge while reaping the benefits of the ever changing technology landscape…it is a wow…my explicable delight!

More success stories are awaiting… just you wait!



2 There are 100 reasons to produce our Kampong Kirkby update-

This is sheer jubilation because these are reports of bliss and national pride achievements of historical genre so priceless that No money can buy. why not?


First it was the stimulating experience input at Kampong Kirkby and now after a good 60 years the refreshing resources of the most exciting Kirkby experiences with the high spirited time of our lives are too wasteful not to be published and shared


The precious fond memories / the incredible memory power to describe and deliberate vividly / the skill of writing critical analyzed documents and the citation emphasizing the significance of Integrity connected to YM Dr Tunku Abdul Aziz’s honour – all these in total commitment… is unbelievable! …I am elated…!”


Compiled by


Datin Loh Soo Koon @ Datin Chan Kok Cheang




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