Hi Kirkbyites,

Driving around Cyberjaya in Selangor with a friend recently, I took this shot. It was a pleasant

surprise to find the name "Kirkby" perpetuated, even the crest, in an International College.

I wonder if all of you know about this.








Extracted from an email by Zuber Zain 


The college was set up earlier by Mrs Bismillah, who was a School Inspector in UK for 15 years. The college was named Internexia School and operated from KL Central. When YAB Prime Minister launched the Govt Transformation Plan (GTP), one of the flagship was to upgrade the teaching and learning of English as a replacement after the Teaching Of Science and Maths in English Programme was scrapped and this college was chosen as the flag carrier since their forte was teaching of English to government staff (Foreign ministry and Bank Negara).


After being chosen they approached Ministry Of Education for guidance and the ministry official that suggested they change the name to Kirkby International College to reflect the new role as ministry's vendor for language programme. Maybe the Kirkby name was proposed and chosen due to our regular exposure in the press and among the Minister of Education and ministry's officials.


Having taken the cue, they approached Tan Sri Dr Yahaya to become Chairman of Board and he agreed to preside and roped along Kirkby Alumni to this project. Later the graduates of this college will be absorbed as association member and they will provide continuity in the years to come.

Currently the Education Ministry sent 500 trainee teachers to this college to master the teaching of English and they will be the future Kirkby Alumni in Malaysia. As Tan Sri always mentioned that Kirkby is not a sunset thing but a sunrise, and the name of Kirkby will shine forever in the education world.