Dear fellow Kirkbyites of 2014 Reunion in Penang,


     It is now four weeks since we met in Penang for our Reunion. Here is an up-date on what is happening post Kirkby Reunion 2014. Before that I wish to congratulate and thank P. Ramakrishnan, Liew PohYuk and Leo Turner for the best ever Reunion of Kirkbyites that they had organised, so efficiently,  from 6 to 8 June, 2014 in the Four Points by Sheraton, Penang. The entire weekend was well programmed; the ambience was good; so was the food; the Saturday discussion was useful; and the overall camaraderie was great. Thank you, guys. In his closing speech, Rama mentioned others who had helped in the organisation – thanks to them too.

     This is my report, Errors and Omissions Excepted (E & O E).


1.       Discussion on 07.06.2014


     Kesavapany (19551957) kindly sent me this summary of our discussion on Saturday, June 7

     “Outcome of discussion chaired by L. Kandan on 7th June 10am -12noon

     As part of the Reunion activities, the Organising Committee had arranged for a discussion on Kirkby- related issues. The lively 2-hour discussion turned out to be useful and constructive.

     The following themes emerged from the discussion :

     (1) The quest for identity and permanence.

     (2) The quest for a recording of Kirkby's history and heritage.

     (3) Proposal for Kirkby College--to carry on the teaching traditions of the Alma Mater.

     (4) Proposal for the establishment of a Kirkby Co-operative Society


     (1) The quest for Identity and permanence..

     A perennial issue among Kirkbyites, the discussion on this topic showed that a body known as Persatuan Alumni Maktab Kirkby Malaysia (Alumni) was already in existence. Open to all Kirkbyites, only about 300 had signed up to become members. The Committee running the body was urged to make the existence of the Alumni more widely known and embark on a membership drive. Some of the participants indicated their intention to become members. There should be a location where memorabilia like magazines, photographs could be housed in a central location.


      (2) The quest for a recording of Kirkby's history and heritage.

     A discussion on this issue revealed that a book had already been published and presented to, among others, British Royalty. However, given the poor quality of the book, a group is working on a revised version. As the existence of the book was known only to a few, it was felt that steps be taken to make it more widely known.


     3. Proposal for Kirkby College.

     Kandan proposed there should be established a Kirkby College, which could either take the form of a new college or a take-over of an existing one. He added that if this project materialised, the quest in para 2 could be fulfilled.


     (4) Establishment of a Kirkby  Co-operative Society.

     Kesavapany proposed the establishment of a cooperative society to be opened to all Kirkbyites, their children and grandchildren, the co-operative could , among other things, provide an avenue for financial sustainability to the Persatuan and its members. Welfare assistance could also be provided to members in need. However, the co-operative should be run in a business-like manner and in conditions of full transparency. Supporting the proposal Kandan suggested that it should be carefully studied


     Closing Remarks

     In closing, Kandan announced that Kirkbyites in Selangor will take on the challenge of organising the 2016 Reunion. The announcement was widely acclaimed.

     Prepared by : K.Kesavapany”


2.       Kirkby Alumni


     I contacted T. Balwant Singh (1959-1960) (Balwant), who was at the Penang Reunion, and who is the Secretary of Persatuan Alumni Kolej Kirkby (Alumni) and requested him to arrange a meeting with the main Officers of the Alumni. Balwant invited me to attend the Executive Committee meeting of the Alumni on 24.06.2014 at 10.00am at Kolej Damansara Utama in Bandar Utama. I attended the pre-Executive meeting session. Those present at the discussion were: (1) YBhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Hj. Yahaya Ibrahim (52-54); (2) Mr. T. Balwant Singh (Secretary); (3)YBhg. Tan Sri Dato Dr G. Vadiveloo (52-54); (4) YBhg. Dato Haji Baharuddin Marji (52-53); (5) Tuan Haji Abdul Aziz Sultan (53-55); (6) Tuan Zainal Abidin Mohamed (56-58); (7) Dr Shaari Isa (53-55); (8) Ms Leela      Unnithan (56-58); and (9) Ms Tan Ling Suan (59-60).

     It was a very cordial and useful discussion. I reported mainly on the discussion in Penang on 7 June 2014. Tan Sri Yahaya briefed me on the various activities undertaken by the Alumni since   formation and handed to me a note prepared by him on 05 October, 2013 which is attached as Annexure A.

     The consensus was that all efforts should be made to bridge the apparent gap between members and non-members of the Alumni and all Kirkbyites to move forward with common purpose.    Notes on this discussion as recorded by Balwant is in Annexure B . A this meeting I was handed a copy of the Constitution of the Alumni which is in Annexure C. I had requested for a copy of the          latest list of Members of the Alumni and the Membership Application form. When I get them, and the reaction/response if any, to my submissions to the Executive Committee of the Alumni I will communicate to you in my next report.


     3.     REUNION 2016

     On 19.06.2014 I met up with Yong Fui Yoon (1955-1957), R M. Sathasivam (1955-1957) and Sasidevi Mahadeva (1956-1958), informally, over lunch and discussed Reunion 2016. No firm proposals or decisions were made. Then, on Monday 30.06.2014, Lee Sing Kuan (1958-1959) very kindly invited to a luncheon meeting the following persons:

     Lee Sing Kuan, Ms Goh Ching Chin, Yoong Yan Pin  and Chong Hong Chong (all of 1958-1959), Ms Cheah Lean Hing and Ms Yoong Chew Ying (of 1959-1960), and Ms Yong Fui Yoon and V. L. Kandan of        1955-1957). Fui Yoon was unable to attend. At this meeting it was proposed that an Organising Committee of the 2016 Reunion, a small one to begin with, be established with the following as members: V.L.Kandan (Chairman), Chong Hong Chong, Yong Fui Yoon, Leela Unnithan and Aziz Sultan (1954-1956).

     I will try to send you periodic reports. Future reports may be addressed to ALL Kirkbyites as it will be in the direction of the 2016 Reunion.  I cannot match Rama in the regularity of sending newsworthy reports, but I will try.


     Warm Regards


     V. L. Kandan                                      



     Annexure A.  Persatuan Alumni Maktab Kirkby Malaysia (PAMKM): Summary of Events and Activities Accomplished-Recorded since 2005

     Annexure B.  A Morning with Dato Kandan


     Annexure C  Undang-Undang bagi Persatuan Alimni Kolej Kirkby