Get-togethers 2013



Lunch at Shabu-Shabu, 11 Jan 2013, during visit of Fook Wah, Jee Hor, Gim Foong & Phee Eng


Edelweiss visits Louise Kessler-Zinkel & Husband Cal, Sawthirajah & Wife Sally and Guan Hock in Canberra, February 2013


Angeline and Peng Yoon visit Melbourne- Lunch on 12 April 2013 hosted by Lee Sing Kuan


Lunch at Shogun for Shaari’s Birthday- 29th August 2013


Kirkby Get-together lunch at 14 September 2013 at Magic One Restaurent PJ on 14 September 2013


Maggie Yeoh, Lye Yuen Chew, Mui Siew Lian, Doreen Khoo and Nadarajah K, Wong Heng and Josephene (Mrs Wong Heng) visited Nellie  and Joe Lau in Perth on 2 October 2013


Ah Bee and Aru celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in Melbourne in October 2013 with Family and friends


Yok Bee, Ah Bee & Aru, Angeline Chang & Angeline Ong visit Melbourne in October-November 2013


Yok Bee & Nellie visit Angeline in Adelaide in November 2013