Edelweiss visits Louise Kessler-Zinkel and Husband Cal, Sawthirajah and Wife Sally in Canberra


Hi Sau San,

Thanks for your email.

Go ahead and post the photos for all Kirkbyites to see! I'm sure Louise will have no objection as HER PHOTO is respectable! Your match of photos and names is correct. SothyRaja's wife is SALLY. She made some BEAUTIFUL curry puffs - making her pastry puff out like a layer of adjoining ribbons! It was a work of art and yummy too!

At going home time, take-away of EXTRA curry puffs was fought over!

I quickly put a SECOND one in my mouth while the others were in LOUD dispute (WINE was talking!)

My theory re the curry puff dispute was, MAKAN DULU - JANGAN GADOH! SUDAH TELAN - SIAPA BENANG? (Sorry the Malay spelling may be the OLD TYPE)……..

…………God bless



L-R: Tan Guan Hock, Sally and Sawthirajah    Louise & Husband Cal, John Daniel and Edelweiss