Lunch in Penang 7 June 2009

Mimi and I have been back just over a week and whilst in the midst of a specially cold winter, these photos remind us of the warm fellowship we savoured when we were there. Many, many thanks for all those beautiful gestures of friendship. Meanwhile we look forward to the next Kirkby Reunion in Penang and wish you all a smooth and successful organisation. With fondest regards. Jim and Mimi.


Lunch on 18 June 2009 at Blue Wave Hotel in Kuala Lumpur

What a lovely gathering at KL we all had and many, many thanks to Tess and Martin for putting it all together and above all to each and everyone who was there to make the occasion so memorable. You can see how busy Tess and Martin were from the  photos when they could only find time towards the end of the lunch to gobble down some food after we had all finished ours a fair while ago.
The 6th picture is the Obituary of our dearly departed Angelo Wong who passed away in Aug last year. We met him at a Kirkby gathering in KL in 2006 and he looked so well then.  He had retired from teaching and had become a professional singer of Mandarin songs.  Another one of our "endangered species" who have fallen off the perch.
Now all of you should be gearing towards the next meeting organised by T.Bala on 8th August and we wish you a joyful time. Much as we would dearly love to be there, unfortunately we have to miss out on this gathering. However we would certainly love to see you all at the next Kirkby Reunion in Penang in July 2009.


Lunch on 27 June 2009 at Ritz Carlton, Singapore

A picture taken when we met for lunch. Looking forward to seeing Lye and Company coming to Sydney in September and
Mary and Patrick later in the year. Thanks again for the lovely time. Cheers.  Jim and Mimi