David Tan visits KL 04.01.2009

e-mail from Cynthia:


Our Scotland Yard hero, David Tan, was in town and he gave me 3 days' notice (b4 I left PJ 1-3 Jan for a short break) to round up Ks for some fellowship. And he could only be with us till 2pm! He was extremely busy with 78 Brits (Mama Mia cast & crew) in tow. As it was Xmas running into New Year AND the school hols were still on (read doting grannies extra busy with grandchildren) AND holy ones at Church, you guessed it, there were more nays than ayes. However, quality time came up trump over quantity!


Our Ahmad Sobri and his charming wife, Nathrah, played host in their elegant home, dishing up the most authentic, scrumptious soto and genuine kampung kopi-o (CPEng, here's a worthy rival to your Ipoh White Coffee!). All of us irresistibly went for full 2nd servings! Then we tucked into the spread of potluck desserts from everyone. Special thanks to Pn Zulkifli, Pn Ramli and Pn Ahmad Omar.

Before we knew it, it was 2pm BUT our overseas visitor and his wife, Anne, were obviously so at home (a sort of 'balik-kampung' for them) that they happily stayed on another 30 mins before dashing off to their next appointment!


Au revoir!


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