Dear Friends,

August 9 2005 was a day to remember.
A good cross-section of Kirkbyites from the second batch (1952-1953)
to the 4th batch (1954-1956) as well as a sole representative from the
Teacher Trainers group (1962) met at a film studio in Shah Alam for a
photo-shoot session to commemorate the visit of Bapa Malaysia Tunku
Abdul Rahman to the Kirkby College on February 7 1956. Tunku's visit
was a historical occasion as it was at Kirkby that our beloved Tunku
first made the announcement of independence for Malaya. Shouts of
merdeka, merdeka, merdeka reverberated through the packed College
Hall. Fists punched through the air in greeting this significant
announcement. The message was clear: from August 31 1957 Malaya would
be free from the shackles of colonial rule and we would be the master
of our own fate soon.
At the August 9 gathering , the Kirkbyites though in their late
sixties appeared to be pretty excited: they hugged and embraced one
another freely, with tears of joy rolling down their cheeks. Many had
not met for more than 50 years and were busy catching up on old times
-- swapping tales and anecdotes, both the probable and the improbable.
Present at the photo-shoot session was a Kirkbyite "Ho Chee Min"
shaking hands with a 12-year Principal of a big secondary school in
Kuala Lumpur, the articulate teacher of the animated Lats, the
Kirkbyite mother of the director of the award-winning Sepet which beat
the much-publised Puteri Gunung Ledang, the indefatigable Editor and
producer of the 21-series Kirkby Newsletters, and the Kirkbyite
actor/actress and the popular "beauty queen" who took part in "A Town
Like Alice" which was then filmed at Pinewood Studios in London,
Australia and Malaya.
Also participating in the photo-shoot session was the Principal
Assistant Director, Ministry of Education who is now a consultant to
private education, Tan Sri CEO of Tafe Group of Colleges and former
President of the Senate and Tan Sri Pro-Chancellor of  a University.
Helping out in the photo-shoot session which lasted for more than
three hours was the participating Kirkbyite mother of the Creative
director and a bubbly assistant of a world-renowned advertising
organisation. This assistant just came back from UK after studying
there for 14 years!

Well, to see the result of the photo-shoot and the film? Please switch
on your TV from August 25 onwards. You may catch it on Astro, TV1,
TV2, TV3, ntv7 etc.

All the best to Kirkbyites and anyone interested in education. As
someone has remarked "the seed of professional training of teachers in
Malaya/Malaysia was planted in this first-class Kirkby College in

Chiam Tah Wen


Video clip- Link provided by Helen Livesey-Jones: