Dear friends,
In conjunction with Malaysia's 48th independence, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has done a commercial dedicated to teachers.  Since Tunku Abdul Rahman our first Prime Minister made the announcement of our impending independence at Kirkby in February 1956 the commercial was centred around Kirkby and Kirkbyites.  Eleven Kirkbyites were invited to participate, 2 from the 2nd batch, 3 from the 3rd batch and 6 from the 4th batch.  The commercial was rather cleverly done (blending still photos and studio as well as outdoor film clips). 
For your information, the clip showing students playing with snaow and snowman was done at the Selangor Club field using bags of salt.  The snowman was made of plaster of Paris.  Those of you residing in Malaysia would have seen the commercial which has been aired in Malay, English and Chinese over all TV networks several times a day starting from 25 August.  I am writing this short description for the benefit of those who are residing overseas.  I have managed  to upload the commercial.  Please note, the captions at the beginning and at the end of the commercial were added by me in my mini studio.  Hope you can view it.  Kind regards.
Zainal Arshad

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From: Zainal Arshad
Date: Tuesday, August 30, 2005 4:47:11 AM

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Merdeka Commercial 

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