Low Sau San Snorkelling Video Clips


Edited several underwater video clips. The clips included here are kept very short to reduce download time.


Glimpses of dolphins (wild dolphins swimming by); feeding colourful fish close up. (8 sec video clip, 0.8M; download time 1 sec with broadband, otherwise about 1 minute); location Hawaii


Swimming with turtles (20 sec video clip); location Hawaii


Snorkelling in Fiji; underwater video clip of snorkelling with new friends in Naigani Island Fiji; click on link:




Shortened 20 sec video clip of Naigani Fiji snorkelling: Selected best snorkel, coral shots


Snorkelling Layang Layang in the Spratleys, July 2007 (8 sec clip)


Snorkelling Layang Layang- corals, manta, shark, dolphins- YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/user/leesing1111