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Group Photo taken on Hari Raya 1957


Cheah Kok Choy



Professor Emeritus Dr. Stephen H.C. Chee,

558 Jalan 17/20,

Petaling Jaya, Selangor 46400,


Tel: 03-79587763 



(Stephen Chee is Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. After  mandatory retirement from the University of Malaya, he  served as the United Nations Population Fund Director of a Technical Support Services Team for the South Pacific, based in Fiji, for almost seven years.  At the MTTC Kirkby, he was Hon. Secretary of the Students' Union in 1957).


Anna Phang @ Baby Phang (Mrs. Stephen Chee). 

(Anna last served as Physical Education Specialist teacher at the then Bukit Bintang Girls' School, Kuala Lumpur). 

Address as above.



Vimala Mills   RIP 10 February 2016


Sasi Devi Mahadeva, 51 Reece Avenue, Klemzig, 5087 SA, Australia
Email -
Phone - +61 8 8226 0563


Haji Ahmad Termizi bin Mat Nor  (passed away)

K1. Kampung Kepayang Fair Park,

31400, Ipoh Perak.

Telephone: 05-5476607

[Retired from Ministry of Education in 1989.

Last posting was in Ipoh, Perak.]


Maimunah bt Salleh


Wong Choi Chan (deceased)- Mrs Lee Sing Kuan (Sing Kuan is 1958-59 Kirkbyite)


Zainal Abidin Mohamed (Passed away 21 July 2016))

[extracted from e-mail message 23.2.2007: Kong Hee Fatt Choy to all Chinese friends.Salam Sejahtera to all. Let me introduce myself. My name Zainal Abidin Mohamed ( 1956 - 1958) another member of  Ahmad Tarmizi and Kok Choy group.  They are certainly 147 other Kirkbyites of that year group. I am surprised that only one name appeared in the alumni listing.Now you have at least three to start with and I will certainly help to add other names. Besides I will add a bit more spice to the Kirkby story by posting some photos which will certainly help us to recollect the good alll days and perhaps see people  including the lecturers whom we casually mentioned in the previous newsletter. Bye for now and I will follow up with the above soon.

Thanks to all for continuing the Kirkby Story. ZAM]             College Photos