Telephone Numbers of office bearers:


Chairman:       R Shanmuganathan             06-6479590 (Direct)

                                                                            06-6471877 (Office)

                                                                            06-6511163 (Home)


Secretary:       Perthapal Singh                    06-6014639 ( PO Box 21 Seremban)

                                                                                    28  RK 6/22, Rasah Kemayan,                                                       


                                                                                    70300 Negri Sembilan


Treasurer:       Mdm Tham Kam Moon        06-7623455

Dear Kirkbyites,


                                    KIRKBY REUNION 2012


The Organising Committee wishes to inform you that our Reunion 2012 will be held at Tiara Beach Resort, 13th Mile, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan from 29 June 2012 - 1 July 2012.


We apologise for the change to the Venue and Dates


This is now final and we wish you will be able to contact all Kirkbyites in your country and persuade them to attend this Reunion.


I attach herewith the details and form of the Reunion: (click on link below to access)






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