From Jim and Mimi- Message and Photos of kirkby Reunion Penang 9-11 July 2010


We have been back home exactly a week today and needless to say, besides catching up with rest and lack of sleep, there are heaps of things waiting
to be put in order after being away for over 6 weeks. Hence the delay in sending out this email.

First of all, let me congratulate each and every one in the Penang Organising Committee for putting up a marvellous show on the 9th to 11th July for our Kirkby Reunion 2010. We enjoyed the gathering of the clans so to speak and so did all those who attended the reunion. Invaluable will the be memories we garnered at this reunion and much can be truly placed on the hard work done by everyone in the Penang Organising Committee.

Allow me to list the credits that should be accrued to your organisation:

Paradise Sandy Beach Resort catered sufficiently to our needs and at such a discount price too. Indeed you have secured what is the optimum value for money there.

The Goodies Bag with its contents is well thought-out and meaningful. Many people found the size of the Kirkby bag very practical and we have witnessed
the handbag-hanger being put to use. The Kirkby keyring is very appropriate. Many of us enjoyed the nutmegs and biscuits - a touch of Penang!

Embellished with the Kirkby Crest and lovely scenes of Kampong Kirkby, the Kirkby Reunion Program and Souvenir Magazine Directory stand out. The
Directory will surely pave the way for many Kirkbyites to renew old friendship. From the data we met up with a Kirkbyite in Penang (Khoo Keap Choo) and another in Singapore (Kwa Boo Hock) whom we have not seen for over 50 years. Similarly others will make such contacts via the Directory.

At every reunion there are those who attended the Kirkby Reunion for the first time. This is true again and the Penang Kirkby Reunion is no exception. In that respect you have more than lifted the spirit of the Kirkby fraternity.

Balik Pulau was a good expedition for those who enjoyed their durians and I was able to introduce to a lucky few the one and only place (I think) in Penang, where you can savour, "Sai Toh Who Yuan" (special fish balls). One good doctor said it was the best he had tasted.

From Reunions to Reunions, organising committees do what they think is the best for the occasion. There undoubtedly will be difference of opinions on what forms the two day program should take. Be that as it may, we can steadfastly look on the brighter side of things and reflect on all the positive and happy things of all past reunions. To this end and towards future Reunions I muse on these thoughts and aims which for better phraseology will be entitled:

Mission Statement of Kirkby Reunions:

1. To facilitate an enviroment to strengthen camaraderie among fellow Kirkbyites.

2. To keep the Spirit and Memories of Kampong Kirkby alive among all Kirkbyites.

3. To celebrate a harmonious fraternity free from class, creed, race or religion.

4. To hold an affordable Reunion (bi-annually) for Kirkbyites from everywhere to gather and socialise joyously.

Discussions are welcome as these are just thoughts at the moment.

Competently past organising committees had worked diligently to achieve these criteria. Let us look forward to a few more such reunions and render our support to the Spirit of Kirkby.

Thanks once again to the Penang Organising Committee and all Committees of past Reunions for the tremendous energy and effort you have expended on
behalf of all Kirkbyites to hold our Reunions.

We wish the Negri Sembilan Organising Committee every success in the 2012 Reunion.

Jim and Mimi
4 August 2010
I also attach a few memories (photos) of our last reunion.