From: Zainal Arshad <>
Date: Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 11:47 AM
Subject: Obituary
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Dear Sau San,

Grateful if you could include this message in the obituary column of


My brother Zainal Akbar ( my senior at Kirkby 1953-55) passed away peacefully on Thursday 5 November at his son's house in Sg Petani.  He was 82.


Thank you and kind regards,

Zainal Arshad



R.I.P. Zainal Akbar bin Zainal Abidin: 1953-1955

Oi Pi Tek (53-55) conveyed the sad news of Zainal Akbarís passing. Zainal passed away on his sonís place in Sungai Petani on Thursday 5 November 2015.

Zainal Akbar was 82 years old. (Age given by Zainal Arshad)

Akbar was from the third batch. According to Rafik Khan, from the same batch, Akbarís Option was History.

His elder brother, Zainal Alaudin bin Zainal, was from the second batch and his younger brother, Zainal Arshad bin Zainal was from the fourth batch.  In other words, Akbar was Junior to his elder brother and Senior to his younger brother!

After college he was posted to SITC Tanjong Malim. After that he served at MTC Pengkalan Chepa and at DTC Penang which later became known as Maktab Perguruan Sri Pinang. His last posting was with RECSAM in Penang.


It was when he was serving at the Day Training Centre and Maktab Perguruan Sri Pinang that I came to know Zainal without knowing that he was a Kirbyite!


He was very jovial and fun-guy, always very cheery happy.


It was unfortunate that nobody provided his address and contact; he was never mentioned in the addresses that were available of Kirkbyites. According to Rafik Khan, he was residing in Penang for a long time and yet he was not discovered! It was a real pity.


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Yours in sorrow,