R.I.P. Vimala’s husband, Mr Mahalingam.

Vimala Kandiah from the 1959-1960 Kirkby batch lost her husband this morning (5-1-2015). Ruby Isaac conveyed this news to me.


His demise was sudden and unexpected. Last night the family attended a Christmas party and Maha, as he was referred to, was in good spirits and enjoyed himself.


This morning he has breathing difficulties and sadly passed away.


He was a very caring man and was interested in current affairs.


His passing must undoubtedly be a very devastating blow for Vimala, a great Kirkbyite. Our thoughts and prayers are with her at this difficult moment.


The funeral ceremony will begin tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 10.00 am at their residence and thereafter the cremation will take place at 12.30 at the DBKL crematorium at Kampong Tunku.


The obituary will take appear in the Star tomorrow.


Those wishing to contact Vimala:

03-7956  8098/012-9264 660