From: Rama 28-9-2015


R.I.P. TAN TIONG LIANG Kirkby 1958-1959 – 28-9-2015

Today (Monday) Angeline Ong (58-59) sent me an email informing me that Tan Tiong Liang had passed away and gave me Tiong Liang’s nephew’s contact for further information.

Accordingly, I called his nephew, Colin Tan, who mentioned that Tiong Liang passed on at 7.10 in the morning.

His remains had been brought to the Mount Erskine funeral parlour. There will be a funeral service at this place tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8.30 pm. I shall attend the service.

His funeral is scheduled to be held at 10.30 am on Wednesday.

Tiong Liang was from the seventh batch of Kirkbyites: 1958-1959.  His option was Art & Craft.He was in Block 4 together with John Loh who was his good friend, now residing in Australia. I called John Loh to convey this sad news but he was not available,

I then rang Peter Ng from Tiong Liang’s batch, now in Perth, Australia, and informed him of Tiong Liang’s demise. I mentioned that I was unable to contact John Loh. Peter promised to convey this news to him. I also rang Chong Lay in Sydney but couldn’t reach him.

Tiong Liang was posted to the Badlishah School in Kulim after college where he taught of many years. Later, according to Ho Peng Yoong (58-59), who refers to Tiong Liang as TTL, was transferred to another school in Seredang.

TTL had travelled extensively. He remained a bachelor all his life and stayed by himself in Kulim. Two weeks ago I rang him and told him of Bhakta’s passing and that was the last time I spoke to him. Peng Yoong and Angeline had visited him in July. And John Loh visits him whenever he comes to Penang.

I used to meet TTL in the 60s when he  used to come to Penang over the week-ends to visit his parents. Some years ago, he developed a skin condition and he could not go out and expose himself to the sun. As such, he had spent the major part of his life indoors.

It is sad that after 17 days, another Kirkbyite from the same batch had passed on.

Tiong Liang's nephew, Colin Tan, at 012-423 7928


Our family is indeed shrinking.

Yours in sorrow,