Kirkby 1959-1960


My dear Kirkbyites,


Fellow Kirkbyite, Sivagnanam – from Kirkby batch 1959 /1960 - passed away this morning (Saturday 24-11-2012) after collapsing at his residence. This sad news was conveyed to me by Martin Voon from the 1960-1961 batch at 4.45 pm. I was on my way to an engagement when Martin contacted me.


When I got back around 11.30 pm, I saw Vincent Lowe’s informing of this sad news. Vincent mentioned that he was trying to get Siva’s daughter’s name and contact number. As of now, I don’t have this information yet.


I understand that the funeral took place at 2.45 pm.


Siva married Wan Kalthom from the same batch. Kalthom sadly passed away on 19 May 2006. Then I wrote:


When I recall Kalthom, I remember Sivagnanam; and when I recall Siva, I remember Kalthom. I suppose it is understandable. They were a pair in Kirkby. If anybody was hanging around Block 10, it had to be Siva!

Siva was also from my academic group in college. He was a quiet sort of person – perhaps that was because Kalthom was very much in his mind!

Come to think of it, quite a few friends from my group had passed on: Quay Chew Neo, John Fernandez, Sakthianathan, Ng Sau Nam, Nagarajah, and Sivagnanam.

He had heart problem and had undergone a bypass. Last year he lost his son and that hit him very hard. He had not quite recovered from the loss of his wife and you can imagine how devastated he was when his son passed away.

A few years ago, I managed to meet up with him. He came to fetch me from PJ and we went for an Indian lunch. That was the last time I saw him.

But I had spoken to him a few times. Without realising, on one occasion when I called him, it was his wife’s death anniversary. He was still mourning her loss.

Siva had not attended any of our Kirkby Reunions for various reasons. I tried to persuade him to attend the Penang Kirkby Reunion in 2010 but was not successful. I again tried to persuade him to attend the PD Kirkby Reunion in June this year. He said that he would try but never made it.

Those wishing to contact the family can write to me in a few days’ time. As of now. I don’t have the details but I should be able to get this soon.

Well, friends, that’s life one day you are around and before you realise you are gone. This is why, as far as possible we should try our best to attend the Kirby Reunions that are organised once in two years.

With very warm regards