Message from Lena Lim with a link to Facebook Memorial Page for Yoke Kim and Lily

Subject: Lim Yoke Kim: 8th Anniversary (26/5/1940 - 8/5/2007

Memorial Page:

From: YK Lim <>
Date: 8 May 2015 23:11:16 AEST
Subject: Lim Yoke Kim: 8th Anniversary (26/5/1940 - 8/5/2007)
Reply-To: YK Lim <>

Lim Yoke Kim (26/5/1940 - 8/5/2007)

Lily Tan Lian Hua (8/3/1942 - 30/11/2011)

Hello Everyone,

I hope this email finds you well and in good spirits.

I have a Page on Facebook in memory of my Parents. You'll be able to see a compilation of what I've emailed to you these 8 years along with other info on my Parents. My brother's postings are there as well. It's being updated gradually till May 2015 (and onwards), and right now we're in the midst of 2012-2013.

Please click on the link below and feel free always to refer to it anytime to stay updated.

I echo what Melissa Rivers said recently on writing a book of her Mum the irrepressible Joan Rivers, 'For my mother whom I think about every day and to my father who as of this past September is no longer resting in peace.'

Writing these past 8 years have been, I quote from Melissa, "cathartic as it was challenging".

Thank you,