Message from Lena Lim:

Date: Wed, 14 May 2014 09:31:49 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Fw: Lim Yoke Kim: 7th Anniversary (26/5/1940 - 8/5/2007)

To my Dad's Kirkby friends,

Sorry for the late email this year. I have been emailing yearly but I
don't have some of your latest email addresses.

 Lim Yoke Kim (26/5/1940 - 8/5/2007)

 Lily Tan Lian Hua (8/3/1942 - 30/11/2011)

I found this while sorting through my parents' things. Am
doing this gradually as it's not easy doing it alone.
of overwhelming at times.

Attachment "Southport20May1961"

 It is with sorrow again to inform that my Aunt unexpectedly
 passed away recently. Dad would have told some of you that
 she looked after Mum during her sickness. That was from 2002
 till 2007, that enable Dad to have time for himself. And
 since Dad passed away, she had still given invaluable help
 and been good company here. My dogs always enjoyed having
 her around. Aunt will be very, very much missed too.

 Lim Sau Ying (6/7/1949 - 15/3/2014), age 64

 Aunt & I

 Photo 1: Dad, Aunt, cousin, Mum

 Photo 2: Grandaunt, Mum, Aunt

And to all of you who replied my 8th of May emails all these
 years, thank you.