From: P Ramakrishnan

To: undisclosed recipients:

Sent: Friday, December 02, 2011 3:36 AM

Subject: R.I.P. Lee Kam Hon's wife


R.I.P. Lee Kam Honís wife


Iím sorry to notify that Lee Kam Honís wife, Lim Sew Lin (Annie) passed away yesterday after having been ill the last six months.

Lee Kam Hon (1959-1960) was from Block 8. He was in the P.E. Option.

The funeral takes place on 2 December 2011, at 2-00 pm at the Batu Gantong crematorium.

Those wishing to convey your condolences may find the following information helpful:

23 Persiaran Mayang Pasir

11950 Bayan Bahru


Tel: H/P 019-566 9459; 04-6435 195

With warm regards,



With very warm regards,