R.I.P. Chandrasegaram S : KIRKBY 1955-1957

It is with sadness that I have to convey this sad news of the passing of Kirkbyite Chandrasegaram S on 15-5-2015.

His obituary, Iím told, appeared in the Star on 16-5-2015. And there was the announcement of  the 30th day religious ceremony to take place on 14-6-2015 which appeared in the Star on 10.6.2015 with a photograph of him.

I have very little news regarding Chandraís background except that he was from the 5th batch. I understand that he was posted to Johor Baharu on his return from Kirkby.

I remember many years ago he was on his way to Ipoh and called me for the contact of Soo Fook How.

For  the 2010 Penang Kirkby Reunion I tried to contact him at the legal firm address that was in the 2001 souvenir programme. I was told that he was no longer working there. I asked for their help for his contact and was told that they would try but when I subsequently called them they were of no help.

I asked some Kirkbyites for his whereabouts but no one seemed to know where he was. Later on someone mentioned that he had passed on.

That was why his passing recently came as a shock. It was a pity that we were not able to communicate with him regarding our many reunions. Perhaps he would have attended at least one.

He was married to Philomena James (59-60).


With very warm regards,