From: P Ramakrishnan <>
Date: Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 11:48 PM

R.I.P. V Ravindran Ė Kirkby 1958-1959


Yesterday, 20-12-12, while speaking with Chelvarajah, by chance I learnt that Kirkbyite Ravindran had passed away but he was unable to confirm this.


Immediately I rang up Bakthavatchalam because he used to be close to Ravindran. But Baktha was not aware of this. He told me that he would ring up Ravindranís home and get back to me which he did soon after and later confirmed the sad news.


I spoke to Ravindranís wife after that and was told that Ravindran was ailing for some time. He had pneumonia, water in the lungs and a weak heart. The IJN could not perform the angioplasty because his heart was functioning at 35%.


He was admitted to Pantai Hospital and passed away a week later on 21-9-2012 at 7.00 am. His funeral took place the next day as his pilot son from Dhubai arrived at 4.00 pm.


Ravindran was from the 1958-1959 batch in Kirkby. He was bespectacled and serious looking but in actual fact he was a friendly person. He was from Block 11.


After Kirkby he was posted to Raub in 1960 together with Baktha and David Tong. The following year Shan, Edward Pragasam and Sakthianathan joined them in 1961.


I was posted to Kuala Lipis and on week-ends I used to travel to Raub and we used to have good times then.


After Raub, I never met Ravi and did not have any contact details. From my enquiries, I learnt that Ravi became a very private person, became inaccessible to others and kept very much to himself.


Baktha used to call him once a year on 13 April to wish him happy birthday. And Daljit Singh from the same year perhaps was the only person who had visited him annually when he went for the Sikh festival in Malacca.


Those wishing to call his wife or drop a note may find the following information helpful:


Mrs Ravi, 17-C Jalan Bukit Serindit, 75400 Malacca.

Tel: 06- 2821 814



Take care and keep well.

With very warm regards,