Just before 8.00 pm tonight (31 May 2012) , Mr H S Gendeh called to convey the sad news of the passing of Regina Joseph. Mr Gendeh is the husband of Jit Kaur who is described as the twin of Regina – they were that close.

Mr Gendeh told me that some months ago they had dinner with Regina and her brother, Dato George Joseph, the President of the Bungsar Residents’ Association. She seemed well then.

Regina was from the second batch of Kirkbyites and she is fondly remembered by her Kirkby friends.

Philomena James of Kirkby 1959-1960 batch is the cousin of Regina and William Joseph from the last batch of Kirkbyites - 1960-1961 – is her youngest brother. Willie is in the States and is making arrangements to come for the funeral.

Regina was a teacher at TIGS Batu Pahat. Cynthia Lim (1960-1961) remembers her as an excellent teacher. Cynthia “had a long phone chat with her last year and she was so passionate about everything”. Indeed, Cynthia was even hoping to share room with Regina if she were to attend the PD Kirkby Reunion. Now that is definitely not possible.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any more information to share with you except that she had many brothers.

I understand that her funeral will be on Friday.

Perhaps, the Obituary may appear in tomorrow’s newspapers which might give details about contact persons and numbers.

Friends, it is sad news such as this which reminds us that our numbers are dwindling.  With the passing of years we will become even smaller in numbers. This is inevitable. We are in that age group, as it were, that is waiting for the roll call.

That is why we should consciously attend whatever gatherings that take place. There may not be a next time for many of us. As long as we are able, we should meet up with old friends, recall old memories and keep the Kirkby spirit and history going.


Yours in sorrow,