Message received from Rama


My dear Kirkbyites,

I’m sorry to inform you that Cikgu Yasin’s wife had passed away. I was informed of this on Friday by Lean Aing (59/60). At that point no details were available.

Today, Sunday 2-9-12 I rang up Cikgu’s house around mid-day and was able to speak to Cikgu Yasin. According to Cikgu:

He and his wife usually visit their children and grand children in Australia during this time of the year. This was their fourth visit in the last four years.

They were in Adelaide visiting their two grandsons who are studying there. On 25 August, Cikgu and his wife left for Melbourne where his grand-daughter is teaching at the Melbourne University. They stayed with her.

On 28 August, Cikgu’s wife suffered a sudden heart attack and passed away in Cikgu’s lap.

The body was taken to the mosque and prayers were performed after which the body was prepared to be brought back to Malaysia.  Flight arrangements were confirmed. Cikgu then returned to Malaysia on Friday.

His wife’s body, accompanied by his son-in-law, will arrive  at 6.00 a.m. on Tuesday. There will be prayers at his house followed by the funeral around 11.00 a.m.

Cikgu mentioned, “I loved my wife very much….but God loved her more.”

Those wishing to convey the condolences may find this information useful:

Cikgu Mohd Yasin Mohd Taib (Dato Haji)

14 Jalan 16/7,

46350 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03- 7955 9182; 019-383 0023