R.I.P.A Nagarajah KIRKBY 1959-60

This sad news came from Vincent Lowe:

Thursday, September 27, 2012 6:01 AM

Dear Rama,

kindly send an email blast to all our Kirkby friends that Nagarajah left
us this evening.  I received a phone call from his grandson,  Ganesh
telling me the news.  As some of you may know, Naga was recuperating from
a cancerous growth around the region of his neck.  He has previously
recovered from prostrate cancer.  The last visit i paid him was with
Martin and Nadarajah at the Aruyvedic center in Section 16.

This evening, neither Ganesh nor his brother could guide me by phone to
where Naga was lying in repose. The address given to me was 24, Jalan
Carey Section 1A/71 in PJ.  But neither the best efforts of Naga's family
nor my poor sense of direction as well as that of Zuraina, my wife,  could
guide us to the house.

Naga will still be at home till 1 pm tomorrow.  At 2.30 the body will
leave for the Kampong Tunku Chinese crematorium or otherwise known as the
Guyuan cemetery.

May God guide him to a peaceful Abode; our sympathies to Mrs. Naga and
their daughter Gowrie, as well as all his other children and

All our prayers and codolences

Vincent Lowe

Nagarajah, as I remember him, was fair in complexion and warm in friendship. He was always a very pleasant person.

He was from Block 9. I remember him in his brown suit. He was from my academic group.

He attended the 2004 Penang Kirkby Reunion. He came with Omar, Chelva, Shan and Michael Sham for this Reunion.

I donít seem to remember him attending the 2006 Perak Reunion but he was at the 2008 Malacca Reunion. On the second night a few of us went in Chelvaís car to eat thosai and drink teh tarik and spend time together.

He was at the 2010 Penang Reunion but could not make it for the 2012 Port Dickson Reunion.

He had health problems but in the last couple of years he was in poor health. I was in touch with him now and then. Just two months ago he mentioned that his condition was bad. That was the last time I spoke to him.

He was a helpful person. I wanted to visit Azar who was not well. This was a few year ago. I asked him if he could go with me as I was not too familiar with Azarís place. He willingly agreed. We took a LRT and got down somewhere near his daughterís work place. Then we took a taxi and got caught in the afternoon traffic jam. After a very long time, we finally reached Azarís place.

Naga was very familiar with this place as he and Michael Sham had visited Azar on previous occasions. I shook hands with Azar and Naga hugged him. Maimoonah had prepared tea and we spent some pleasant time together.

Later Maimoonah dropped us at Hamidís place which was close by.After some time Hamid dropped us at the nearest LRT station.

After Kirkby, this was the first time that I spent some hours with Naga. It was a wonderful time that we spent together and I shall cherish this for a long time to come.

Yours in sorrow