Get-Togethers ( to 2005)

                        Get-togethers (2006-07)  

                        Get-togethers (2008)     Mimi & Jim, Ipoh & Melbourne  Perfect spring day with Edelweiss  Kirkbyites visit Singapore      

                        Get-togethers (2009)     at SSC Singapore  Kirkbyites vist Melbourne, Sydney  Lam Hua in Adelaide   Cynthia in London  

                        Get-togethers (2010)    Doreen Khoo in Singapore  KL Fund raising         

                        Get-togethers (2011)    Edelweiss’s visits   Jee Hor & Gim Foong in Melbourne  Maria& Joe- Perth   Tea at Joanne’s   Eidelweiss-S’pore 

                                                               lunch & tea in KL PJ June 2011


                        Get-togethers (2012)     Angeline in Melbourne   Visiting Ramli, Reunion with Raju   21 July in Penang   5 March Visitors in KL 

                                                                        Mahaya, Wong Heng & Josephine in PJ   

                        Get-togethers (2013)     Yok Bee & Nellie in Adelaide   Yok Bee, Ah Bee & Aru, Angeline, Angeline Ong in Melbourne      

                                                                Ah Bee & Aru- Golden Anniversary in Melbourne      Visit to Nellie & Joe in Perth

                                                                Get-together lunch in PJ   Lunch for Shaari   Angeline and Peng Yoon in Melbourne     

                                                                Lunch at Shabu-Shabu          Edelweiss visits Canberra


                        Get-togethers (2014)      60th Anniversary Lunch Kirkbyites 54-56     Lunch at Shogun with Joe & Nellie

                        Get-togethers (2015)     5th May 2015 Genting Highlands 

                        Get-togethers (2016)    August 2016  Perth 27 September, 19 October 2016  Melbourne

                        Get-togethers (2017)    22 June 2017 At Pik Yee’s