I was informed by Su Jee Hor and Lim Sui Loong that
Maureen Seet’s father – and Tang Fook Wah’s father-in-law – passed away two
days ago at the ripe old age of 98.

Maureen and Fook Wah were college mates from the
1960-1961 batch of Kirkbyites. They are British subjects and have been residing
in UK for many decades.

Both of them have been very devoted to the deceased
who was staying with them for many years.

Please pass on this sad message to your contacts especially
those from the 1960-1961 batch.

Those wishing to convey their sympathies, may find
the following information useful:

D’Arcey Hall
White Rock Gardens
East Sussex
London TN34 1LD
Tel: +01424-425774
Email: fookwah8@aol.com

With very warm regards,